01/2019: Human Genetics graduate student Wenhe Lin starts rotation with us! Welcome Wenhe!
09/2018: Our RNA splicing project receives new support.
08/2018: Sherry Feng, a graduate student in Human Genetics, starts in our Department! Welcome Sherry!
08/2018: Xiangbin (Cham) from Beijing joins the lab as a postdoc scholar! Welcome!
07/2018: Zhuoyue Shi, a graduate student in GGSB, starts rotation with us! Welcome Zhuoyue!
07/2018: Cai Qi from Yale joins us as a postdoc scholar! Welcome Cai!
06/2018: Nate Westneat, a high school student joins the lab for summer research. Welcome Nate!
06/2018: Irena Feng, majoring in biochemistry, and Isadora Kucera an inaugural DNUFO fellow join the lab. Welcome!
04/2018: Grazyna Bozek joins the lab as a Research Assistant. Welcome Grazyna!
01/2018: The Zhang lab @ UChicago started in the Department of Human Genetics and the Grossman Institute for Neuroscience, Quantitative Biology and Human Behavior.